Luke Fletcher MS Joins Cats Protection to Discuss Improvement Plans for Cat Welfare in Wales

The Member of the Senedd for South Wales West sponsored the reception in Cardiff Bay's Pierhead Building this week, during which the charity unveiled its priorities for improving cat welfare in Wales.

The charity’s The Time Is Meow report outlines the measures which are needed to ensure cats – and the people who care for them – are better protected in law.

At a reception in the Pierhead Building in Cardiff Bay on Tuesday 9th May, politicians discussed measures such as compulsory microchipping of pet cats and increasing the availability of cat-friendly housing in the private rented sector.

Cats Protection Advocacy & Government Relations Officer for Wales Daryl Gordon said: “Wales is a nation of pet lovers and cats are a particularly popular pet, with one in four households owning one. It’s therefore great to see so many politicians coming together to find out what they can do to ensure cats receive the protection in law that they deserve.

“Among the key measures we discussed was the need for compulsory microchipping of pet cats in Wales. This is something which will soon be introduced for cats in England and it’s important that cats in Wales are not left behind.

“We also talked about what MSs can do to ensure that there is more cat-friendly housing available in the private rented sector. So many people now rent their homes, yet too many are being denied the chance to own a pet cat and we believe this must change.”

Luke Fletcher MS said: “Politicians from all parties can work to improve the welfare of cats in Wales immeasurably by addressing Cats Protection’s agenda priorities.

“I am proud to say that I fully endorse Cats Protection’s Time Is Meow report, and the reception in the Pierhead Building was an insightful experience from which I hope all attendees took something.

“Our vision as Members of the Senedd and as members of society should be one where every animal, including cats, lives the best possible life. This can only happen if we ensure that they are protected and cared for, both individually and legislatively.”

Cats Protection's report can be read here.


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