Experts Gather in Senedd to Discuss Benefits of Four-Day Work Week

The event, sponsored by Plaid Cymru's economy spokesperson Luke Fletcher, saw experts convene to discuss the benefits of a four-day working week. Pictured above (left to right): Joe Ryle (4 Day Week Campaign), Chloe Rees (TUC Cymru), Ruth Llewellyn (Merthyr Valleys Homes), David Frayne (University of Cambridge), Luke Fletcher MS (Plaid Cymru Member of the Senedd for South Wales West).

The event was sponsored by Plaid Cymru Economy Spokesperson LUKE FLETCHER MS.

Experts gathered in the Senedd’s Neuadd on 21st March to discuss the findings from the recent four-day work week pilot which took place on a UK-wide scale across a variety of sectors.

The guest speakers included Dr. David Frayne of Cambridge University’s Department of Sociology, Joe Ryle of the 4 Day Week Campaign, Chloe Rees of TUC Cymru and Ruth Llewellyn, head of human resources at Welsh housing association Merthyr Valleys Homes which participated in the pilot.

Speaking on behalf of think-tank Autonomy, one of three organisations leading on the pilot alongside 4 Day Week Campaign and 4 Day Week Global, Dr. Frayne spoke to the successes and challenges of the pilot. The pilot, a resounding success, found that of the 61 companies that participated, 56 are continuing with the four-day week (92%), with 18 confirming the policy as a permanent change.

The pilot also found that participating companies experienced a number of positive organisational outcomes: organisational revenue increased by 1.4%, the amount of staff leaving decreased by 57%, and the number of logged sick days decreased by 65%.

Following Dr. Frayne’s presentation, Ruth Llewellyn spoke to the practical challenges of implementing the four-day work week at an organisational level. The event concluded with a lively panel discussion and question and answer session with attendees.

The event’s sponsor Luke Fletcher MS said: “The results from the pilot represent a ground-breaking moment in the shift towards a four-day working week.

“We are continually scrutinising working practices, and the way in which we work is constantly evolving. A four-day work week is a step towards a more productive and happier society, one that is fit for purpose and accommodates the multifarious needs of working people.

“The time has come to launch a pilot in Wales so that more Welsh workers can learn about the benefits of the four-day work week first-hand.”


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Talk begins at 7:38.

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